Relax it’s Japan: Harmony in nature, hospitality in people

On a rare night off from work, I am sitting in my room in Singapore.  Yes, blog writing.  Where should this blog be headed?  With no concrete travel plans in the upcoming months, I can only write about past experience, even though daydreaming about future travels might be a better alternative.

What places do you recall when you are feeling for that relaxed escape from home?  For me, sitting down in a quiet space like I’m doing now, Japan comes to mind.  True enough, those who have been there witnessed its confusing maze of underground tunnels, its bustling streets and wouldn’t forget the amount of dedication involved to maintain an efficient and orderly society.  But it is Japan’s natural beauty — respected, well-maintained and integrated — which flourishes both within the urban setting and beyond that can relax even the most stressed traveller.

I can’t help but admire the Japanese people and the environment.  From what I recall studying and travelling in Eastern and Northern Japan, architecture blending seamlessly into its surroundings; gardens contained within even the smallest interiors of homes; young school children paying attention to their impact on the environment.

Everything, the place and people, seems so perfect, so still, so calm, so harmonious, exactly the perfect mix that makes it such an enjoyable country to experience.  Hokkaido in Northern Japan is one such destination to explore.  Those who have been there will tell you every season is worth a visit and the hospitality is simply remarkable.

In upcoming posts, I hope to dig up more memories about Japan to share with you all!


2 thoughts on “Relax it’s Japan: Harmony in nature, hospitality in people

  1. I can’t agree with you more, Hokkaido is indeed a lovely place to visit. I went to there during summer last year and truly enjoyed myself, immersing in the beauty of Furano’s lavender fields. I’ve also bought many goodies and cookies from Rokkatei and watched the fireworks show at Otaru and Lake Toya. My friend planned the itinerary and I must say it’s a superb one!

    1. You are the very first to ever comment on my blog, thank you! Hokkaido is definitely a retreat I will go back to hopefully someday soon. I took the train up from Honshu and started out in Hakodate, Lake Toya, Sapporo, Otaru and Furano area. Lovely scenery, fun events and great food. Maybe I should write more on that and the route I took.

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