Noodle soups on the go

You are travelling in winter. Tired, cold, and hungry.  Nothing beats a bowl of noodles in a hot bowl of broth to warm your body and soul.

If you’ve been spending enough time in Asia, you probably noticed that locals eat a lot of noodles and you simply cannot avoid having a quick fix of it at some point in time.  Vietnamese pho, Thai khao soi, Malaysian laksa(s), Chinese noodles, Japanese ramen.  Okay, true enough Malaysia is hot most of the time but there are cool and windy days too.

After walking alone on the streets of Sapporo, Japan on a very cool late-May Evening, I wandered into a ramen restaurant with steam rising out of its pots of miso based broth.  Pork, corn, seaweed, and green onions, the perfect combo of colours and tastes.

Transferring trains at Hanoi Station, waiting still during the late night hours, a street side stall with low tables and stools saved a hungry soul with its ginger soup based pho (beef noodle).  A very clear broth leaving a refreshing feeling in you.  It’s definitely a satisfying way to start a Monday morning back at home if that’s ever possible.

The chicken accompanied crispy noodles mixed in a broth of curry spices (khao soi) found in northern Thailand keeps anyone cozily warm from deep within…

Wonton noodles of Hong Kong, Penang Laksa, beef noodles in Taiwan…the list goes on.  I guess it’s now time for a pack of instant Korean ramyun noodles with some kimchi on this hazy night in Singapore.


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