Over a decade into my travels

This won’t be a first post about a journey that has just begun, but one that has begun many years back.

For a person my age (early 20s) coming from the demographic (middle income family with university education) to which I belong, travelling should not be too unfamiliar.  I must confess I have been a privileged youth when it comes to overseas travel: migration, overseas studies, backpacking, and work relocation.  My supportive mother was a crucial element although there’s also my adventurous inner self that even some of my friends are astonished about.

Before our family migrated to “Beautiful British Columbia” in the 1990s, we have never travelled outside Hong Kong.  All has changed since that first flight to Vancouver.  A far away land where further travels await as a grow up.  Local trips aside, my first real travel experience started with studying Japanese in a small city in the land of the rising sun.  Perhaps it was the experience that made me more independent.  Since that high school year with a Japanese homestay, I ventured out into the Shanghai region, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, India, and Japan once again, this time alone.

Although I was very keen about the trips, I have not been very dedicated to documenting my travels other than collecting memorabilia.   Of late, I realize how much I have lost, but more importantly how much I have not shared with those around me, by not writing down my thoughts and feelings about these journeys.  I hope my renewed efforts will not come too late.


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